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Obstruction Lights
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Aviation Obstruction Lights

Changing Technology of Obstruction Lights

For towers that require incandescent lighting, regular tower-light inspection and maintenance is a task that tower owners must undertake. Broadcasting's early days saw many station engineers climbing the tower themselves. The greater availability of qualified tower climbers has turned this into a regularly occurring event. Regardless, the problem of changing a burned-out lamp still remains, tower climbers don't come cheap, and tower lights seldom fail at a convenient time. The problem is solved by solid state Light Emitting Diodes as replacements for the beacons and obstruction lights. LED Light is a better option because of their longer lifespan, high intensity and lower consumption of power compared to filament lamps.

Xenon and Neon lamps are also getting popular in the field of obstruction lights but they are generally used for High intensity obstruction lights.


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