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Obstruction Lights
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Aviation Obstruction Lights

Obstruction Lights for Tall Buildings

Tall or High rise buildings are hazardous to aviation safety because of its height and locObstruction Light for Tall Buildingsation, the possessor of the building should illuminate it with obstruction lights according to ICAO standards.

We are involved in designing, manufacturing, and installing of obstruction lights for high rise buildings. We are manufacturing Low, medium and high intensity obstruction lights at our factory at IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, with state of the art manufacturing facilities.  

Non Flashing obstruction lights should be mounted at the top of a high rise building. At middle levels, obstruction lights should be displayed for each 45 m or fraction thereof. The position of these lights on the vertical plane should be equidistant between the top lights and the ground level as the shape and type of obstruction will permit. One such light should be displayed at the outside corner on each level with the remaining lights evenly spaced between the corner lights.



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