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Obstruction Lights
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Aviation Obstruction Lights

Obstruction Lights for WindMills

Obstruction light is also necessary for illuminating wind turbine farObstruction Light for Wind Millm: Windmills should be marked so that aircrafts can identify obstacles and avoid them. Obstacles should be illuminated in such a way so that it will not disturb the surrounding community.

Lighting concept for illuminating two nearby obstacles is also used in the case of wind turbines which shows that there is a very large obstruction similar methodology is also used for illuminating radio towers, wide bridges etc.

Installation of windmills farm is unique in design based on the terrain and the prevailing wind conditions in the surrounding area. Lighting standards are adaptable to various terrains. Windmills farm orientation; size and elevation vary according to the land area.

Wind mill farms should be illuminated by using both flashing and non-flashing lights to indicate the extent of the entire installation.

As long as the wind turbines are painted white in color, daytime illumination is not required.


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