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Obstruction Lights
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Definition of Obstruction Light
Evolution of Obstruction Lights
Changing Technology of Obstruction Lights
Types of Obstruction Lights
Types of Obstacle Markers
Obstruction Light Selection for Vertical Structures
Need of Obstruction Light
Number of Obstruction Lights
Applications of Obstruction Lights
Tool for finding Obstruction Lights
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NEWS : Obstruction Lights
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Wind Cones
f Offshore Oil and Gas Platform

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Aviation Obstruction Lights


Incandescent : Emitting visible light as a result of being heated.

ICAO : International Civil Aviation Organization

FAA : Federal Aviation Administration

Volts : A measure of the pressure under which electricity flows.

IMT : Industrial Model Township

Amp : Quantitative unit of measurement of electrical current

Hz : A unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second.
CSIPR 11 : International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR). The CISPR 11 standard provides a suitable test procedure for testing drives to verify conformance with these limits.

LED : Light-Emitting Diode: Diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current; color depends on the material used

Obstruction Lights : Lights fixed to any structures near airports that could constitute a danger to aircraft in flight.

Airway marking sphere :

Candela : The unit of measure for the intensity of light at the source roughly equal to the amount of light in any direction from the flame of a candle.

FPM : Flashes Per Minute

AGL : Above Ground Level


Units of Lights Specification – Refer to Figure 1-1; (unites photometriques)

  1. Lumen – Unit of the luminous flux output from a light fixture.
  2. Candela – Unit of the luminous intensity of light emitted from a light fixture in a specific direction within a solid angle (steradian)
  3. Lux – Unit of illuminance of light falling upon a surface area. May be expressed as lumens per square metre or photons per second per square metre.


Dual Lighting System :

TASS : Technovators Avaids Signaling System

INTG: (Integral) - SMPS included

OM&L : Obstruction Marking & Lighting

Cold Cathode : A cold cathode gas filled tube or vacuum tube is one in which there is no cathode heater. It contrasts with a cathode that is heated to induce thermionic emission of electrons. Cold cathodes sometimes have rare earth coating on them for enhancing electron emission. Some types contain a source of beta radiation to start ionization of the gas that fills the tube.

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