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Aviation Obstruction Lights

Solar Powered LI Obstruction Lights


More than 2000 Solar Powered obstruction lights of Technovators are installed all around the globe. The Technovator solar powered obstructjion lights are long lasting, low maintenance, and are ideal for standalone deployment on transmission pylons and high rise natural obstructions.
We have paid very careful attention to the construction: these systems are able to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum, thanks to their special design for the harshest environments and their ability to perform efficiently without any regular maintenance visits.

Unique Features

  • Solar powered aviation lights are stand-alone
  • No moving parts, and hence extremely low maintenance costs due to negligible wear and tear
  • State-of-the-art design for optimal performance and reliability in standalone, tough weather conditions
  • Completely customizable to deployment and operation conditions
  • Micro Processor based charge controller ensures long battery life

System Operation

“TECHNOVATORS” Solar powered systems are designed  with dedicated software for optimal size of Solar  Modules and Battery.  Solid State Lamps are used to minimize lighting load. Dusk to Dawn operation of Obstruction Warning Light is controlled by Module Sensing.

Solar system is custom designed to meet individual client requirements.

The Solar Powered system's main components are an low-consumption, very bright aviation obstruction Solid State light, a solar array and a battery bank. During the daytime the solar array charges the battery via the controller and during night-time the system controller automatically activates the obstruction light and draws power from the battery.
The operating temperature range of the systems is -25°C -> +55°C.


  • Ideal for Power transmission towers and telecom pylons , Natural obstructions like Hilltops and all other locations where carrying electricity is difficult.

Operating Conditions

Temperatures ranging from --25°C -> +55°C.

Will withstand wind in excess of 150 mph (240 kph), (150 knots)

Fog, Rain

Humidity :100%

Does not create Electromagnetic Interference

Does not create Radio Frequency Interference


Solar Panels


Mono/Poly Crystalline

Maximum Power

10 TO 120 Watt


90 %



Sealed Maintenance Free

Nominal Voltage

12 /24 V


Depending upon Load & Design Autonomy

Weight & Measurements (Shipping info)


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