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Aviation Obstruction Lights

Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights


It is an Omni-Directional Aircraft Warning light which conforms to ICAO, Annexure-14 type 'B'. LED Medium Intensity Aircraft Warning Lights are known for their supreme aesthetics and energy efficiency.

The high power high flux solid state Lights give an exceptionally long life of more than 50,000 burning hours.

It combines the most modern concept of surface mounting solid state Lights Technology (High powered Lighting Diodes) from most reputed world source.

The system is highly energy efficient, which makes it very suitable for Solar powered LED aviation lighting system.

The Lights are mounted on very Durable Epoxy masked PCB's which enables easy replacement in case of failure.

Efficient secondary optics is induced to generate Lens effect for proper light beam in horizontal plane and arrest unnecessary light dispersion in vertical plane as required by the lights specifications.

High quality Aviation Red color is directly emitted by the Aircraft Warning Light system thus eliminating the need for additional color filters, which otherwise get faded due to UV radiation of sun.

Efficient circuit designing reduces chances of total light blackout.

The Aircraft warning light housing is made from high grade Aluminum Alloy with protective painting.

Hardware is made from Corrosion resistant metals.

The light is protected from ingress of Dust and Moisture.

Bird Spike is provided at the top to protect the luminaire from bird droppings.

Very high quality copper conductor earthings connection is provided to divert any lightening surges.

Solid state Electronic Flasher is housed in separate weather protected enclosure.

Dusk to Dawn operation is enabled through Photo sensor or Electronic timer.


Materials Used

Medium Intensity (LED) Obstruction lights are designed for stability with a high quality aluminium alloy with protective coating base. The dome is made of a Ultra Violet (UV) resistant acrylic and silicon sealant is used to ensure maximum life of the product. Best quality copper earthing connections are used for prompt and efficient lightening protection. All hardware cast in corrosion resistant metal alloys. Excellent dust and moisture sealing through EPDM gaskets.

Operating Conditions

Temperatures ranging from -50°F to +75°F (-10°C to+23.88°C).
Will withstand wind in excess of 150 mph (240 kph), (150 knots)
Fog, Rain
Humidity :8%
Does not create Electromagnetic Interference
Does not create Radio Frequency Interference

Photometric Dat

Night Mode Red
Vertical Beam Spread  
Horizontal Coverage 360 °
"Ground Scatter Light" cut-off angle -5 °
Flash Rate 20 - 60 FPM

Electrical Specifications

Input Supply

Operating Voltage

System Operating on DC Volts

Current (Amp)

Volt Amps (VA)

(V x I)







220V AC with SMPS Supply

175 V

275 V

12 V 8 10 96 120 120
24 V 4 5 96 120 120
48 V 2 2.5 96 120 120

220VAC (50Hz)

175 V

275 V

12 V 8 10 96 120 120
24 V 4 5 96 120 120
48 V 2 2.5 96 120 120

Light Characteristics

ICAO Type Type "B/C"

Light Source

LED Cluster

Light Color



> 10 cd

Horizontal Divergence

360 °

Lamp Life

> 1,00,000 hrs
Radial Emission As per CISPR 11

Physical Characteristics

Body Material

Cast Aluminium (or Fibre)

Lense Material

Polished Acrylic


Cast Aluminium

Height (mm/inches)

544 mm

Width (mm/inches)

395 mm

Mass (Kg/lbs)

15 Kg Approx.


Minimum Autonomy

24 hrs.

Latitude Range

1000 meter

On/Off Level


Illumination Technology

Photons generation with LED conduction

Lifespan of LEDs

> 1,00,000 hrs.

Available Flash Patterns

20 - 60 FPM
Color Technology of LED Depend upon Semiconductor material of LED

Environmental and Electrical

Temperature Range

- 40 ° C to + 50 ° C


Through EPDM Gasket and Sealant

Environment Protection Standard for Light

IP 65 Standard
Environment Protection Standard for Control Panel IP 55 Standard

Weight & Measurements (Shipping info)

Kg mm cu ft

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